Obtaining Health Insurance as the Spouse of an American

We assist our clients in determining their health insurance needs, the potential costs of insurance over time, and the optimal time to apply for Medicare coverage. Canadians who marry Americans are in the fortunate position of being able to join their US spouse’s group health insurance plan through work, if applicable, or, if aged 65 or over, they can tag onto their spouse’s Medicare coverage.

Medicare is immediately available to a Canadian who is aged 65 or older and has a green card for five years. If they are married to an American with the requisite number of Social Security credits they should be able to receive premium-free Part A coverage.

If needed to bridge the gap before Medicare becomes available, private insurance can provide coverage for a wide range of needs, from outpatient care to prescription drugs, emergency room visits to surgery, and everything in between. While private insurance can be expensive, there are ways to reduce or offset this cost.

With the proper guidance and knowledge, it is possible for Canadians marrying Americans to receive excellent, comprehensive medical coverage once they move to the US.