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About US

MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc.’s team of multidisciplinary professionals includes Certified Financial Planners® (CFP® Canada & US), Quebec Financial Planners (F. Pl.), Canadian & US Chartered Accountants (CPA), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), and estate planning lawyers. This unique skill set leads to enhanced client service by providing integrated cross border professional services through one team.

We are a cross border tax and financial planning firm with extensive experience working with Canadians moving to the US, Americans moving to Canada, US citizens living in Canada and professionals being relocated between both countries. There are many factors that go into a change in residency between Canada and US. A move of this nature is complex as it involves understanding laws in multiple jurisdictions and how they interact. It is our experience that prior to making a decision of this nature it is prudent to prepare a Cross Border Financial Plan to address these concerns to ensure a smooth transition of residency while minimizing tax and avoiding costly mistakes. To learn more about us, please visit the Types of Clients or Services sections of our website.



Cross border financial planning involves analyzing several different areas of a client’s life with the goal of executing a financially successful cross border move from Canada to the US or from the US to Canada.


Our Private Client Services are offered to high net worth individuals who would benefit from the customized, ongoing financial management of our cross border planning team. Private Client Services are tailored to each client’s needs.


A family office provides a suite of wealth management services to ultra high net worth families. The benefit of working within a family office structure is that oversight of all financial affairs are managed by a single team.