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MCA’s Private Client Services offer 360 degrees of financial management to high net worth individuals who would benefit from customized, ongoing financial management provided by our cross border planning team.

Our Private Client Services are tailored to each client’s needs, but typically involve the following suite of services:

Implementation, Monitoring, and Maintenance
Our team assists private clients with carrying out all aspects of their cross border financial plan, including insurance, tax, and estate planning recommendations. Based on the recommendations in your cross border financial plan, our team develops a detailed action plan with a timeline and milestones to ensure that each action item outlined in your plan is effectively executed.

As needed, our team will introduce and select external professionals to implement specific elements of the plan; however, MCA always serves as quarterback, guiding external professionals as they implement the plan in accordance with our cross border recommendations.

Also, we conduct quarterly status meetings with private clients to track and follow up on action times, provide general support for questions and concerns as they arise, and plan proactively in accordance with important tax calendar deadlines, such as tax filing and RRSP contribution deadlines, among others.

Investment Oversight

Portfolio management is a daunting process for many individuals in general and is compounded by the additional complexities within a cross-border context. Your advisory team should be knowledgeable about investing on both sides of the border; ideally, your team will have a comprehensive understanding of the cross-border tax, financial planning, and regulatory issues that can arise.

 Having an investment manager who understands your situation and needs and who works seamlessly with tax experts, lawyers, and financial planners is crucial to your financial well-being.

We favour a multi-manager approach to portfolio management by identifying and selecting top-tier managers for a particular asset class or investment mandate. Our independent oversight helps you determine which managers fit best with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Moreover, we will coordinate total portfolio reporting, manager monitoring, optimized tax management, and comprehensive cross-border advice to help you avoid tax traps, penalties, and other issues. Where possible, we negotiate preferential pricing on investment management fees for our clients.

As an independent firm and investment fiduciaries, we can help build, transition, and oversee an optimized and compliant cross-border investment portfolio that remains aligned with your strategic investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon, while complementing other aspects of your cross-border financial plan.

Tax Compliance
Many of our private clients have moved from Canada to the US or vice versa and therefore have ongoing tax filing requirements to meet in both countries. As such, an important component of our Private Client Services is our tax preparation service, which also includes the preparation of any required cross border information returns.

We work closely with our team of tax preparers to ensure that our private clients receive a holistic service and that all cross border tax preparation needs are met in a timely, effective manner.

To discover how our Private Client Services can benefit you, please request a consultation.

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