Introduction to US Immigration for Snowbirds

Snowbirds are used to counting the number of days that they spend in the US each year so as not to exceed the 182-day limit imposed on Canadian visitors to the US by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”). When moving to the US, snowbirds must obtain a visa that allows them to extend their stay beyond this 182-day period. Ideally, a snowbird’s path to US immigration will lead to obtaining permanent residency via a Green Card.

Designing and executing an optimal immigration path is the most key component of a cross-border financial plan. There are typically two US immigration options that we first explore with our snowbird clients, although others, such as the employment-based visa option, may also be appropriate for snowbirds moving to the US.

We work with each client to determine the most suitable path for that individual’s situation. If available, the family-based path to US immigration is ideal.