MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc. has extensive experience working with the following client groups who are moving between Canada and the U.S.

Client Profiles

Type of Clients / Clients Profiles:  Canadians moving to the U.S. / Canadian citizens living in the U.S.

Type of Clients / Clients Profiles: Americans moving to Canada / U.S. citizens living in Canada

Type of Clients / Clients Profiles: Employees relocating between Canada & the U.S.

Reasons Our Clients Change Residency:

mca-bullet To start or expand a business mca-bullet To be closer to grandchildren mca-bullet To capitalize on a new job opportunity
mca-bullet To enjoy desired retirement lifestyle mca-bullet To relocate to another office mca-bullet To avoid Canadian winters
mca-bullet To marry a partner who lives across the border mca-bullet To live in a climate that improves health conditions mca-bullet To continue playing professional sports after being traded