Over the past weeks, our team has noted interesting cross-border news stories and written blogs on current cross-border topics. We’ve shared these articles on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but recap them for you here:

    1. “Lifetime income to reach defined-contribution retirement plans, but not anytime soon
    Dec. 22, InvestmentNews

    2. “Ten Financial Lessons from Classic Christmas Movies
    Dec. 23, WealthManagement.Com

    3. “Why I’m Giving Up My Passport
    Dec. 7, The New York Times

    4. “Visa Sale Program Helps Investors Get Green Cards, Philly Projects a Green Light
    Jan. 7, NBC10.com

    5. “Tax Season Opens As Planned Following Extenders Legislation
    Dec. 29, IRS.gov

    6. “Treasury, Health and Human Services move to ease tax filing burden from Obamacare
    Jan. 8, InvestmentNews.com

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