Over the past weeks, our team has noted interesting cross-border news stories and written blogs on current cross-border topics. We’ve shared these articles on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but recap them for you here:

    1. “Ranking the Top EB-5 Countries by US Immigrant Visa Issuance
    Jan. 11, The National Law Review

    2. “American expats in Canada who sell their house might face IRS taxes
    Jan. 12, The Globe and Mail

    3. “PFIC: Beware of this four-letter word
    Jan. 14, MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc.

    4. “Upcoming CJAD 800 AM Radio Show: January 20, 2015 – Submit Your Cross-Border Questions to Matt C. Altro & David A. Altro
    Jan. 15, MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc.

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