Family Office Services

A family office provides a suite of wealth management services to ultra high net worth families. The benefit of working within a family office structure is that oversight of all financial affairs are managed by a single team. The client family need only communicate with this one team – a team dedicated to ensuring that all planning is integrated and optimized so that wealth grows and family values are preserved for generations to come.

Most Canadian families with an ultra high net worth have several cross border ties, such as properties and investments in the US or other countries, or family members of different generations who are residents of different countries. As your family office team, MCA Cross Border Advisors acts as your family’s quarterback on all issues related to your cross border ties. We work with external partners in countries around the world to ensure that all the moving parts of a cross border, ultra high net worth family are integrated into a well-organized, holistic whole.

To achieve this goal, MCA Cross Border Advisors is pleased to provide the family office services listed below.

To learn more about how MCA Cross Border Advisors’ Family Office can benefit you, please review our list of services below and contact us for a consultation.


MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Services:

  • Multigenerational Estate Planning
    • The primary objective of multigenerational estate planning is to provide tax-efficient, responsible transfers of wealth between multiple generations of a family.
      MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Services helps its family office clients meet this objective by assisting clients to set up sophisticated cross border trusts and by managing how clients will pass business and personal wealth, as well as corporate governance strategies, to children and grandchildren in a responsible, tax-efficient, and appropriate way.
      At all times, our goal is to ensure that multigenerational estate planning is executed in a way that reflects the type of culture the family is trying to foster long term.
  • Risk Management & Insurance Advice
    • Ensuring that ultra-wealthy families are properly protected from a variety of business and personal risks is another primary objective of MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service.
      For example, family office clients face risks from many directions, including legal liability, risk of investment loss or devaluation, compliance failure, tax and property law change, security (this includes risks to property and person), and family dissension. Our family office clients with cross border ties face a particularly complex legal, compliance, and tax landscape, so the mitigation and balancing of risk in all its forms is of paramount importance for MCA’s family office clients.
  • Training and Education
    • A key component of the family office services that MCA Cross Border Advisors offers is our provision of continuing wealth management and financial literacy education, particularly to younger family members.
      Ultra high net worth families with many cross border ties also require detailed education on the complex nature of their global investment opportunities, the ever-evolving economic conditions of the countries to which they have ties, and available financial planning tools. MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service is pleased to educate family members on these complex matters, in addition to providing education on the basics of wealth management and financial literacy.
  • Cross Border and Domestic Tax Advisory
    • Due to ultra high net worth clients’ various assets, which typically span the globe, MCA Cross Border Advisors’ family office clients often face complex income tax laws and potential tax liabilities stemming from their cross border holdings. Our Cross Border and Domestic Tax Advisory service provides tax planning solutions for potential tax liabilities that can result in significant savings. We analyze our clients’ holdings, provide optimal cross border tax planning solutions, and quarterback the implementation of these solutions to ensure that our family office clients’ tax efficiency improves.
  • Tax Compliance & Regulatory Assistance
    • The complex tax and regulatory landscape that our family office clients must navigate requires expert guidance on compliance with multiple laws in multiple jurisdictions. Indeed, Canadian, US, and other federal, state, and provincial jurisdictions’ regulations can affect the investments, assets, and business operations of the ultra-wealthy.
      MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service can help ensure the consistent compliance with the laws that govern the activities of its family office clients. An integrated approach to personal, corporate, partnerships, and trusts’ income tax preparation is essential to complying with all cross border tax laws and regulations. MCA Cross Border Advisors is well equipped to execute this integrated approach.
  • Capital Sufficiency Planning
    • The ultra-wealthy typically hold many assets and frequently participate in new investments, which take up even more of their time. MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service provides services necessary to ensure an ultra-wealthy family has liquidity when they need it so that the family is not spending time on this task itself.
      To ensure our family office clients receive liquidity in a timely fashion, we facilitate credit and offer cash flow management and budgeting services to our clients. Ensuring liquidity can be complex for our clients with cross border ties, as it is important to be mindful of cross border laws, tax rates, and exchange rates when selecting the most optimal credit and cash flow options available.
  • Investment Oversight
    • MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service provides a comprehensive manager monitoring and performance analytics service to its family office clients. In order to best guide investment decisions, we help family office clients develop an overarching investment philosophy, objectives, and risk preferences.
      For family office clients operating in the cross border space, we then develop a plan to transition to a cross border portfolio, ensuring that portfolio managers integrate your family’s cross border strategies into their overall strategic asset allocation. At all times, portfolio optimization is our goal.
      While working with portfolio managers, we conduct monthly check-point calls throughout the year so that we are consistently monitoring investment decisions. We complete a quarterly performance analysis, closely comparing our family office clients’ portfolios to industry benchmarks.
      When required, MCA Cross Border Advisors collaborates with our family office clients to evaluate, screen, and select portfolio managers who work in the cross border space.
  • Reporting and Record Keeping
    • With multiple investments, businesses, compliance obligations, and insurance products, family office clients generate large amounts of records. MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service organizes records and paperwork for our family office clients so they can spend their time on business ventures and personal hobbies rather than paperwork. For families with cross border ties, our reporting and record keeping service frees up a large amount of time, as preparing reports and keeping records in multiple jurisdictions can be a cumbersome and challenging for families to execute themselves.
  • Philanthropic Management
    • We know that our family office clients value charitable giving and philanthropy. By helping clients form foundations, maintain or run those foundations, and by providing advice and assistance on effective charitable giving, we ensure that our family office clients are giving back to their communities in the ways that matter most to them.
      MCA Cross Border Advisors Family Office Enterprise Service’s approach to managing charitable giving ensures that families with multiple branches in multiple jurisdictions communicate with each other seamlessly, despite their size and geographical breadth. We take into consideration the aims and underlying values of the family as a whole so that each branch of the family selects the most optimal charitable structure for its own jurisdiction, while keeping the overall goals of the family at the forefront.