Investment Planning


Navigating the ever-changing investment landscape is growing more and more challenging. In a marketplace where clarity and simplicity are desired, complexity and opaqueness have become the norm. New products and strategies are constantly being promoted as the next big thing, leaving the average investor wondering if their approach is the right one. Add to this the complexities that arise from a cross border move, the need to strike a challenging balance of prudent investment practices and integrated cross border expertise exists. The eventual cross border move facilitates the need to carefully evaluate currency exposure as one’s base expenses will soon be denominated in the currency of their new home country. Differing regulatory regimes, opposing tax jurisdictions, and complex tax treaties all combine to add new dimensions needed for cross border portfolio management.


MCA Cross Border Advisors finds that balance. Our unique expertise allows us to offer holistic investment advisory services that are fully integrated with your cross border needs and goals. Giving you comfort in knowing that not only is your wealth being managed prudently and professionally, but also specifically for your unique cross border situation.


Our research driven approach to investment management puts the focus back on our clients. The fundamental basis of our long-term approach is formed with appropriate diversification, asset allocation, efficiency, risk management, agility, and independence. Markets are complex, volatile, and unpredictable. This requires an efficient, consistent, and focused approach to managing your cross border wealth.