Areas of Expertise

Canadians buying in Florida or other states choose to move to the U.S. for many reasons. Many snowbirds that spend winters in Sun Belt states quickly become frustrated with counting the days before they have to leave the beach or golf course to return home. Business owners who are ready to sell their company and retire are often motivated to become U.S. residents due to the potential income tax savings. Retirees may want to be closer to children and grandchildren living in the States.

When considering moving from Canada to the U.S., Canadians can be overwhelmed by issues with respect to laws and regulations on both sides of the border, potential tax impacts and seemingly endless roadblocks. Questions about RRSPs, how to get health insurance in the U.S. and how to avoid double taxation, can leave clients confused and without answers. More importantly, figuring out timing issues and how all the elements fit together can be daunting.

MCA Cross Border Advisors develops a road map to help Canadians achieve their goals in the areas of taxation, estate planning, retirement, health coverage & insurance, investment management, immigration, and tax preparation. Our cross border financial planning process creates the path from Canada to the U.S., allowing clients to take advantage of opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.