CJAD Radio – Changes in the Canada-US cross-border space

In a recent CJAD 800AM radio show, our President & CEO Matt C. Altro reviewed cross-border issues which are important for Snowbirds, Americans living in Canada, dual-citizens, and Canadians considering a move to the US. The radio show which aired on March 28, 2018 provided information about RRSP tax savings associated with moving from Canada to the US, tax traps for Americans living in Canada, Old Age Security (OAS) savings when moving to the US, the change to the US estate tax exemption amount, owning US property using a cross-border trust, and an overview of the US tax reform which went into effect earlier this year. Matt also answered caller questions throughout the show.

If you have questions for our cross-border professionals, we invite you to submit your question(s) via our website, and we will try to answer as many of them as possible during our next radio show. To submit your question(s) please follow this link, and tune-in to our next radio show to hear the answers!

We invite you to use the media player below to listen to our show from March 28, and to click here to view future radio show dates.