August 2016 – Dollars and Sense Radio Show on CJAD

Matt C. Altro is a regular expert on Montreal radio station CJAD 800AM, where he discusses tax, immigration, health care issues and more. These key issues are discussed with regards to how they relate to a cross border move or relocation between Canada and the US. On the August 30, 2016 episode of the show Dollars & Sense, Matt focused on discussing the following cross-border topics: Canadians with US real estate Americans living in Canada Renouncing your US citizenship Moving to the US You can listen to the full show which aired on August 30, 2016 by using the media […]

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CBC News – Taxman clamps down on snowbirds heading south, hopes to save millions

In the news this week are several stories surrounding the Canada Revenue Agency using the number of days Canadians spend abroad to limit access to federally funded programs. CBC Radio One interviewed Matt C. Altro on the topical story which was published on October 27 on CBC’s website. Click here original post Taxman clamps down on snowbirds heading south, hopes to save millions Jim Bronskill CBC News October 27, 2015

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Upcoming Radio Show: September 8, 2015

  Tonight, September 8th tune-in to CJAD 800AM at 7PM to hear David A. Altro and Matt C. Altro discuss cross border issues. During the show we will be answering caller questions, but you can submit your questions now and we will answer them on-air.

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