Estate Planning

August 2016 – Dollars and Sense Radio Show on CJAD

Matt C. Altro is a regular expert on Montreal radio station CJAD 800AM, where he discusses tax, immigration, health care issues and more. These key issues are discussed with regards to how they relate to a cross border move or relocation between Canada and the US. On the August 30, 2016 episode of the show Dollars & Sense, Matt focused on discussing the following cross-border topics: Canadians with US real estate Americans living in Canada Renouncing your US citizenship Moving to the US You can listen to the full show which aired on August 30, 2016 by using the media […]

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Taxes at Death: Canada vs. the U.S.

Death and taxes, so they say, are the only two things of which you can be fully certain. Combining both, in the form of taxes at death, would seem inevitable. Death is typically the final opportunity for a government to collect taxes on an individual’s income so it’s not surprising that death gets viewed as a tax event. And yet, from a cross-border perspective, the imposition of taxes at death is very different in Canada than it is in the U.S., which creates the need for customized cross-border estate planning. It’s widely known that the U.S. has a federal estate […]

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The Challenges of Localization with Cross Border Employee Relocation

In our globally connected world with the competition for foreign talent becoming ever fiercer, global mobility is on the rise. Recognizing the need to develop global leadership, many companies are sending key employees on international assignments, leading to an increase in expatriate populations all over the world. One of the main challenges for companies with expatriate personnel is what approach to take with compensation. Many compensation-related issues beyond base salary loom across borders, such as retirement benefits, income tax management, health care and housing. If not proactively dealt with upfront, these issues can lead to costly pitfalls for employers and […]

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Obama’s Tax Proposals: Raise Taxes for the Rich, Aid the Middle-Class

President Obama’s recent State of the Union address focused on closing the income inequality gap. To achieve that goal, the President unveiled a plan to raise capital gains taxes for the rich – his two key capital gains proposals target the top 1% of US taxpayers. Unsurprisingly, the proposals, outlined below, face heavy opposition from a Republican-dominant Congress. If the proposals do become law despite Republican pushback, most Canadians who are planning a future move to the US will be unaffected by the tax hikes, which are aimed at the ultra-wealthy. 1. Capital Gains Tax Rate Increase 2. Impose Capital […]

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November 2014 – Dollars and Sense Radio Show on CJAD

November 2014 MCA-Radio Dollar & Sense CJAD

Montreal, Quebec – November 4, 2014 On the November 4th episode of Dollars and Sense on CJAD 800 AM, David A. Altro, Managing Partner, Florida Attorney & Canadian Legal Advisor, was joined by Matt C. Altro, Cross Border Financial Planner, Partner & COO at Altro Levy LLP and President & CEO at MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc. The show reviewed real life client situations which focus on cross border issues.

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