Archive: April 2017

Investing through a global lens

Canada, to use the old (pejorative) adage, is the country known as “hewers of wood and drawers of water,” historically reflecting our economy’s reliance on natural resources. While we may chuckle at this antiquated notion, many investors continue to adhere to an analog of this concept where a strong reliance or preference exists for investments within Canada. As the global economy has blossomed over the past few decades, the investment opportunity set outside of Canada, and the ease with which it can be accessed, has increased. By embracing leading companies outside of Canada, in both developed and emerging markets, your […]

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Our Montreal Office has Moved!

On April 10, the MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc. Montreal team moved into a brand-new office that has been a great upgrade for our growing team. 

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President Trump: Update on Key Cross-Border Issues

Spring is upon us, and I thought it would be a good time to briefly check in on the latest updates from the Trump presidency that could potentially affect Canadians planning to move to the US or Americans planning to move to Canada. This blog is the second of a series that will update my cross-border clients on key Trump-related issues most relevant to them. These key issues are: 1) Health Care In an embarrassing setback for President Trump and US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, the newly proposed Republican health care bill that they intended as a replacement […]

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