Archive: February 2017

Currency risk management for Canadian retirement accounts

Canadians are in the full swing of retirement savings plan (RSP) season, and to build on Jeremy and Matt’s January 31, 2017 blog entry related to cross border taxation of RSPs, which you can view here, I will highlight a couple of issues related to foreign exchange risks faced by retirement accounts within a cross border context. Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs/RSPs) and registered retirement income funds (RRIFs/RIFs) are tax-deferred savings and income vehicles respectively, available to Canadian residents for the purposes of accumulating funds or providing income for retirement. Contributions to an RSP, as well as investment growth on […]

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Cross-Border Health Care Concerns about Obamacare Repeal

One of President Trump’s main campaign promises was to overhaul the U.S. health care system by abolishing the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), or “Obamacare.” It wasn’t surprising, then, that one of President Trump’s first actions in office was to sign an executive order urging his administration to curtail the law. But can President Trump simply repeal Obamacare with the stroke of a pen? The answer is no. The ACA can only be repealed or replaced if Congress passes new legislation. Since the Republicans control both chambers of Congress, however, it seems inevitable that major changes are coming—we just don’t know […]

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