Archive: January 2017

Planning Opportunities from Cross-Border Taxation of RRSPs

Making the decision to move to the U.S. always invokes planning questions for many Canadians. Taxes, ties with Canada, legal aspects or even investments are important matters when crossing the border, and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) are no exception to this rule. In this blog, we will describe some of the main advantages of the tax treatment of an RRSP for Canadians who have moved to the U.S. First, let’s review the importance of contributing to an RRSP. As Canadians, there are two main advantages of contributing. Investors will achieve immediate tax benefits in the year of contribution. The […]

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President Trump: Key Issues for Canadians Moving to the US

2017 is upon us and so is the new president. Last Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated into the highest seat of office in the US. Since Trump announced his intention to run for president, there has been much speculation about the efficacy of his proposed policies. Now that he’s inaugurated, Trump’s proposed policies may very well become law. Trump’s policies focus on a wide array of issues; however, there are certain issues that have the potential to significantly affect my Canadian clients, particularly those clients who are in the middle of planning a permanent move to the US. As such, […]

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